It is long past the time to begin empowering each other across our great land. Businesses and employees, clients and potential clients. We seem to have forgotten our American nature, to band together for the greater good, for all of our futures. Turn on the news, listen to any radio talk show, or eavesdrop on any dinner conversation around the country, and you’ll find people talking about the value of hard work. Since the pandemic struck, it seems two schools of thought exist, and perhaps those schools were brewing long before COVID reared its ugly head.

Two Sides?

There is the one side that expects regular unemployment checks to extend out to infinity, propping up an economy that is not doing so well. Obviously, that thinking comes from not wanting people to go hungry, to lose their homes or the roofs over their heads, or to lose the ability to feed their children. Fair enough. We don’t want that either. The other side laments the lack of good workers in this country. Want ads abound, businesses are desperate for reliable workers, crops are dying on the vine, and some companies are having to close their doors for good. All because, they say, kids these days don’t want to work, and many workers have no incentive to go back to work when they receive a paycheck from the government that does not seem to be going away. And we say, again, fair enough. This reality is undeniable. 

It’s Business 

To be clear, this post is not political in nature. It is American in nature. It is business in nature. It is humanity in nature. We support our American workers. And we can see both sides of the debate. An unending stream of unemployment and stimulus checks may stimulate the economy, but it will not stimulate American business. And yes, a lack of work ethic does seem to be bleeding into many young people. But, and here is the big caveat, we believe that the backbone of American pride and integrity still stands strong. We can say that without reservation because we are on the ground every single day with American workers, both RMS employees and our partners and clients in business. Enough of that spirit, call it “old school” if you will, exists to spread across our nation and stimulate our fellow countrymen. We believe this stimulus can be done by empowering each other. 

Empowering Each Other

We support our employees and our partners, our clients and our friends, by leading by example and by celebrating others who do the same. If our clients are any evidence, and we believe they are, then it is clear that people, for the most part, want a purpose, they want to work for something, and they want to believe in something. Each of us has a responsibility to our fellow men and women to show them that there is still much here to believe in, to work for, to find purpose in. When we do this, lead by example, we empower each other to do the same. 

Our partners across the country, our farmers, shop owners, ag feed producers, brewers, and distillers, embody the American spirit, and we want to take this moment to celebrate them and all the men and women out there like them. And believe us out here on the ground, the news, the radio talk shows, the podcasts, and social media do not see what we see. Good, hard working people, putting in an honest day’s work, putting food on the table, and putting people first. We are in the majority, and we are here to empower each other. We believe the American spirit is alive and well and right in front of us every day. We only have to open our eyes. 

Call Us Today

If you are ready to get your roller grinder equipment up and running, and you’re ready to partner with an American company proud of our clients and our employees, give us a call today. Let’s empower each other. 


At RMS Roller Grinder, we pride ourselves, above all else, on our ability to form and sustain partnerships. It is fascinating that in this day and age of progress and innovation, the concept of working together seems to be lost on so many corporations. It is not mere nostalgia to say that, in America, we used to build things, and we built them to last, and that building included partnerships. We took handshakes seriously, we valued our employees, who valued their work, and we valued our clients, who stuck by us and spread the names of their favored businesses throughout the land. Now, in the age of globalism, many feel the weight of what it means to be adrift in a sea of nameless, faceless customer service. Or, should we say, the absence of customer service? 

RMS – Not Like the Competition

Sure, superior products are made every day. In fact, you can get decent quality for a low price, especially if your product is outsourced and imported from another country, where wages are low and working conditions are less than desirable. This is not a knock against companies who outsource. For many, they feel it is the only way to do business, to stay in business, or to turn a profit. Nor is it a knock on the customers who buy those products. Many are trying desperately to stretch a paycheck, to put food on the table, and to get their kids new shoes for the school year. This post is not one of negativity, criticism, or slander. We know nothing changes by merely pointing out the dark side of change. What we hope to do, instead, is differentiate. 

At RMS Roller Grinder, we do things a bit differently. We design, build, and maintain our machines here in the United States, using as many American made products as possible, and drawing on American labor, paying fair wages and supporting the long term growth of our employees. By focusing in this way on American materials and labor,, we are partnering with our employees, building relationships that extend to the superior quality of our product. Why? 

Well, as numerous studies reflect, satisfied employees contribute to a better functioning company on all levels, across the board. And we at RMS are not the only company that has recognized that reality. Here’s just one site with a list of one hundred companies that make their products in the USA. 

Partnerships that Extend Out

The greatest byproduct of making our machines here and building partnerships with our employees, is that the partnership extends out to our clients. Those partnerships foster long term growth for us all. It means our machines are serviced by American workers, working closely with our clients to ensure the RMS experience is a good one. Our employees are the face of our company, especially our design team, our sales team, and our service techs, the ones building, selling, and serving our machines. These partners are on the front lines every day, to make sure our clients get more than their hard earned dollars’ worth. 

The Cycle of Good Business

The cycle of good business practice begins and ends with partnerships, and we repeat that healthy cycle by keeping those partnerships a top priority. We may not have a unique product (you can get a roller grinder machine similar to ours from another company), and we may not have the cheapest deals (because we pay American wages, we must charge American rates), but we have no doubt we build products that last and relationships that endure. And that is not something many companies can honestly say. 

If you’re looking for a new roller grinder machine or equipment for brewing or distilling, check out our website today, or give us a call for a discovery session. We look forward to partnering with you.