Relationships: Building More than Machines

It simply cannot be said that we are not proud of our design engineers and the work they have done to conceive of and create the most innovative and highly functioning roller grinder equipment in the market. Built in the United States by hard working Americans, our machines make us swell with pride each time we sell one, install one, and maintain one. What makes us even more proud to be in business though is the people involved in those machines. Our design engineers are hand picked by our team to implement ideas and bring them to life. They are at the forefront of equipment design and keep themselves abreast of where to make improvements as technology advances. And we trust them to do their best work because of the relationships we have built with them. Much like the relationships we build with you, our clients. 

The relationships matter just as much to us as the machines. Indeed, the machines are a product of those relationships, they fuel those relationships, and those relationships then allow us to make even better machines. 

With each relationship we build, we become a stronger company, and our clients can build stronger companies, with superior products, alongside us. We are building so much more than machines. 

Because we are hyper aware of the importance of our relationships both internally and externally, we have a system in place to support their growth. We not only build machines that will last, but we also offer installation, service, and maintenance to support those machines. We have gotten just as much feedback from our clients about our service as we have about the impressive durability and function of our equipment. 

As we see it at RMS Roller Grinder, one cannot exist without the other. You cannot simply make a product or offer a service and send it out into the world. You must always be thinking of the person you are supplying or serving. We don’t just want your repeat business. We also want the word of mouth. And we work hard to get it. 

From the Greenest Employee to the Person in Charge, We See You

RMS Roller Grinder is a business based on relationships, and at the heart of those relationships are people. Not products and services. People. From the greenest, newest, lowest paid employees, to the person in charge, we are all people, and we see every single one of you. We honor you and the work you do. This perspective is one we take within our own company, and one we take with each company we work with. Because, again, companies are made up of, you guessed it, people. Our companies, products, and services would be entirely worthless if they were not fueled by people. 


At RMS, we understand that people rise to the expectations we have of them. People behave the way you treat them, and not vice versa. You have to respect someone from the very beginning, on a human level, and then you can expect them to behave respectably. In our years in business, working with the smallest companies to the largest, recruiting, hiring, and training engineers and janitorial personnel, this adage holds true. Treat people the way you want them to behave. 

It is what sets us apart, we believe, in our industry, and really across industries. Perhaps it is because we work with the salt of the earth – farmers and factory owners, ranchers and industrial workers – the ones who form the backbone of our country, that we are humbled by each and every hardworking person out there. Whether you’re in a suit and tie or your coveralls are stained with soil and dust, we see you, and we honor you. 

The greatest value any employee can have to a company is in taking ownership of their job. Sweeping floors or commanding attention in a boardroom, you own the work, you treat the work like it matters, and you play your part in a much larger picture of serving your organization and by extension society. 

Pay It Forward

Because we run RMS in this way, valuing each employee and client equally, as owners in our success, we know that each person we touch then pays that value forward. Now, after decades in the roller grinder business, we have built a solid community of interconnectedness, from our engineers to our techs, and out to the farmers, we are confident our people are serving our clients with integrity and compassion, and that our clients are treating their own clients in the same way. 

It is not often that business can draw a clear outline of how they make a difference in the world. Anyone can argue that this or that product or service is or is not essential to the world. We obviously believe our top quality roller grinder equipment and our expert level service are essential to our little corner of the market, but in the end, it is the people we employ and help each day that make the difference. And that, more than anything, matters to us.