RMS Introduces the Automatic Greasing System

RMS Introduces the Automatic Greasing System

Automatic Greasing System


  • Automatically greases all key mill components at the optimal interval, amount, and with the correct type of grease. Automatic Greasing System operates only when mill is operating.
  • Specifically selected injectors for the type and size of bearing and other wear parts
  • Low level grease indicator light signals when grease reservoir needs filling
  • Clear front panel to visually inspect grease level and check operation
  • System test button
  • Can be sized and designed to accommodate all mill types – NEW OR USED


  • Never grease your mill again when RMS conducts regular maintenance! Just let RMS do it!
  • Reduce maintenance costs by saving on labor, grease, premature parts failure, and downtime
  • Keep your mill’s Preventive Maintenance Program up to date with the help of the RMS Automatic Greasing System