Why a Roller Mill and not a Hammer Mill?

Roller Mills vs. Hammer Mills

Why a Roller Mill and not a Hammer mill?

RMS manufactures roller mills, roller grinders and grist mills. From time to time a client may pose the question, “Why not hammer mills?”

Because RMS is a leader in the particle size reduction industry, we have the answers!

Roller mills are cost effective, dust free and offer a more consistent grind. Below is a list of the benefits of owning a roller mill versus a hammer mill.

  • Roller mills are on average 30% more energy efficient than hammer mills providing our customers energy savings (KimKoch, Hammer Mills and Roller Mills, Kansas State University, May 2002)
  • Roller mills do not produce heat, as hammer mills do, which is another lost source of energy
  • Roller mills can process more tons per kilo watt hour saving time and energy
  • Roller mills provide a more consistent grind than a hammer mill with less fines and deviation
  • Roller mills produce less noise and dust pollution than a hammer mill, reducing safety hazards and chance of ignition
  • Roller mills have less moisture loss of grain than the hammer mill
  • Roller mills do not need air assistance to process

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