What our customers are saying…

“We continue to be amazed at the quality of our grind. The mill is a show piece and the Brewers are happy to share that with anyone who cares to listen. In fact a local supplier of milling equipment stated “no other brewery around here has a mill like that.” We are happy to be a reference for your company – please feel free to give my number to anyone you wish.”

-Ron Davis
Foamer’s Folley Brewery

“I’m all for a 10+ on the mill. It’s easy to use, incredibly reliable and consistent, adjustments to the crush are simple once you get the hang of it, and maintenance is also easy. Service has also been on point. It has boosted my extract about 8% as well, so it’s actually saving me money on grain. I can’t wait until we save up enough money to add an auger system. You can bet I’ll be coming to you all for help with that.”

-Drew Stephenson
Pleasure House Brewing